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Tesla-aaltojen perusteita


Kun heittää kiven veteen, syntyy molempia aaltoja – poikittaisia ja pitkittäisiä aaltoja. Poikittaiset aallot liikkuvat veden pinnalla ja muodostavat sisäkkäisiä renkaita. Pitkittäiset aallot liikkuvat veden sisällä suoria linjoja pitkin (kuin auringonsäteet). Samankaltaisesti muodostuu sähkökenttä johtimen ympärille.


Kuvan kahdessa johtimessa poikittaiset aallot kulkevat johtimien suunnassa (paperista tai näytöstä sisään) ja pitkittäiset aallot sivusuunnassa johtimien välillä. Poikittaiset ja pitkittäiset aallot liikkuvat suorassa kulmassa toisiinsa nähden.

Pitkittäiset aallot kuvaavat induktion dielektristä kenttää ja poikittaiset aallot induktion magneettista kenttää. Johtimien ympärillä yhteinäiset viivat (sisäkkäiset renkaat) kuvaavat magneettikenttää, ja radiaaliset katkoviivat dielektristä kenttää.

Dielektrinen kenttä liittyy pitkittäiseen energiansiirron muotoon ja magneettikenttä poikittaiseen energiansiirron muotoon.

Poikittaiset aallot ovat sähkömagneettisia aaltoja ja pitkittäiset aallot ’uusia’ magneto-dielektrisiä aaltoja eli ns. Tesla-aaltoja.

Kiitokset Eric Dollardille, jonka esitelmästä nämä on suomennettu.

Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves - Eric Dollard & Tom Brown

Kuvat Steinmetzin (1914) Electric discharges, waves and impulses kirjan sivuilta 10 ja 11.

Jean-Louis Naudin. 1998. Longitudinal Waves and Transverse Waves tests

Roberto Handwerker. 2011. Longitudinal dielectric waves in a Tesla coil and quaternionic Maxwell's equations ... evised.pdf

Dr. Nikola Tesla in 1892 observed what he often used to call “curious and striking phenomena” of electricity, which he described in his writings or during his academic lectures delivered before the Scientific Community [3],[4], and that made him practically abandon his studies on high frequency alternating currents and start exploring a new realm.

The phenomena referred to have yet partially been observed for example in 1872 by Elihu Thomson [9] during a lesson at the Philadelphia High School, where he was a teacher. By doing a demonstration with a Ruhmkorff induction coil and willingly to better show the effects to the students sitting far from the device, he made some changes in the circuit obtaining, instead of the normally displayed purplish-blueish sparks, impressive big and white electric discharges, and metal objects in the room became strangely electrified and kept throwing sparks in the surrounding space as the device was turned on. This effect could have been due to a new and peculiar form of dielectric induction. Tesla realised a number of devices in order to better investigate the matter and at the end perfected his particular Coil, a seemingly simple device but hiding many peculiar characteristics as regards the transmission of energy and signal through the natural medium, which will not be discussed here, and last but not least, to investigate the existence besides of a Transverse Electro-Magnetic, of a Longitudinal Magneto-Dielectric field in the medium around it.

[2] Nikola Tesla, “The True Wireless”, Electrical Experimenter, May 1919.
[3] Nikola Tesla, “Experiments with alternate currents of very high frequency and their application to methods of artificial illumination”, 1891.
[9] Elihu Thomson, Article in Scientific American, 1872.
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Tuolla Energy Unlimited lehdessä 2, sivulla 44 -45 kiintoisia juttuja Villen tarpeisiin, George van Tasselin testit ja jotain erikoista Olivier Leroyn kirjasta lainattua.
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Re: Usvan salaisuus ja muita mysteerejä

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En löytänyt lehteä, mutta löysin paljon muuta mukavaa.

FUNCTIONAL THINKING: An Interview With Eric Dollard
by Tom Brown

T: What exactly is the dielectric side of electricity?

E: The side of electricity that represents the faster than light phenomenon.

T: How does the dielectric relate to Reich's orgone energy?

E: Reich found that the orgone and the dielectric field are basically one and the same. If a dielectric field has the proper pulsations then you could almost call it the orgone energy. An example of this is the orgone accumulator, which is alternating layers of dielectric and reflecting material, like a capacitor. The reflecting is usually called the conducting in electrical engineering work but this is based on misconceptions from the 18th and 19th century with regards to how electricity flows. Its well known that electricity doesn't flow through wires, but that's the conception that most people carry around in their heads. Of course people used to think the earth was flat, too. Reich's dogma assumed that the insulating or dielectric material had to be organic, but of course he was using glass wool and it's stretching the term organic by applying it to glass wool. You could say the glass wool is organic because the silicone dioxide has two atoms of oxygen, but that's not really true.

T: Have you found any evidence in your research relating the dielectric field to orgone energy?

E: Yes, the cosmic superimposition effect. If you take a low pressure gas (in a bulb) and place it in two superimposed dielectric fields then you get spiral formations such as Reich wrote about in his book COSMIC SUPERIMPOSITION. These formations appear as spheres, galaxies and other cosmic forms.

T: So the high voltage terminal of a properly built Tesla transmitter puts out a dielectric field?

E: Right - a dielectric current - a current of many amperes flowing through free space without any electrons. This is a true electrical current.

T: Is this as you've demonstrated to me where you can draw a several inch spark off the insulator, which of course isn't supposed to happen?

E: Right, an insulator isn't supposed to conduct electricity so how can you draw a spark off of it?

Eric Dollard Collected Articles ... ticles.PDF
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Tuoltahan noita Esan sivuilta löytyy: ... -No-02.pdf

Ja tässä allamainitussa lehdessä: ... -No-04.pdf

sivulla 13 ja sitä ennen, on jonkun Mr. Bradburyn keksintö applikaatio 14338/76 josta ei lähdeviitteistä huolimatta tunnu löytyvän yhtäkään patenttia vaikkakin keksintö on hyvin hyvin mielenkiintoinen, (mielenkiintoisia vahvistuksia Schaubergerin keksinnölle)
Josko Jussi auttaisi jos olisi paremmin osaamista nettihauista? ... 1976014338

Edit: klo 14.30
Löytypäs saksan patentti samasta keksinnöstä eri nimellä: ... cale=fi_FI

Aussipatentti löytyi muttei siihen kuuluvia tekstejä??? ... 3876A&KC=A

Ranskan patenttikin löytyi ja siellä selitystekstiä lisää, (siivet 45 asteen kulmassa) ... 77A1&KC=A1

Keksintöhän taitaa olla merkittävä, kun löytyi vielä Japanin patenttikin: ... geNumber=1
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Re: Usvan salaisuus ja muita mysteerejä

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Kiitos linkistä. Ilmeisesti myös Teslan kartioiden kärkikulmat oli 45°, kuten myös Carrin pyörivien elementtien akselit suhteessa horisontaaliin/vertikaaliin ja Schaubergerin kotigeneraattorin ylemmän kartion kärkikulma. Esimerkkejä löytyy myös luonnosta, kuten linnunsulista ja oksanhaaroista.

Arthur Aho, in his book Energy Unlimited, a Case for Space, said that he worked with free energy inventor Lester Hendershot for several years developing his device, which generated 90 to 140 volts at 60 cycles in the form of a D.C. pulse. The frustrating thing about the Hendershot device was that it only operated when its designer was nearby, even though possibilities of fraud were completely removed by investigators of the instrument. Apparently it was partly a psionic device, with Hendershot’s presence necessary to complete the circuit.

Vapaasti ajatellen mieleen tulee persoonallisen vitaalienergian tai -informaation (energian määritelmästä riippuen) resonanssikytkentä eli tosin sanoen vitaalienergiaa säteilevän eetterikehon/auran resonanssikytkentä. Henkisen todellisuuden huomioiden ei liene mahdotonta, että jokainen ihminen säteilee ympärilleen itselleen ominaista vitaalienergiaa hänen eetterisen olemuspuolen materiaa vastaavalla värähtelyn laadulla ja määrällä (vrt. Kirliankuvaus). Jos näin on, ajatus pitää sisällään laaja-alaisia mahdollisuuksia.

Aho described it as a living, breathing, mechanical body, caged or geared into a force outside itself. For a physical description of the device, which was complex but not cryptic, consult Aho’s book. In mid-April, 1961, Hendershot finally agreed to reveal every detail of both construction and operation of his device in an environment including scientists and equipment needed to fully evaluate the nature of the power generated by it. On April 26, 1961, less than two weeks after his announcement, Lester Hendershot died very suddenly.

Since then, Arthur Aho, who is virtually the only man who pursued the issue after Hendershot’s death, has been developing a theory to explain not only how a free energy device can function, but also how a good deal of unexplained natural, celestial, subatomic, and metaphysiological phenomena occur. Aho feels that we need a sound, comprehensive field theory which deals realistically with all the anomalies and discrepancies now threatening to topple the framework of modern science. We need this basic understanding of the force that creates overall picture, the hidden nine-tenths of the iceberg that supports what we see above the surface, before we can puzzle out the various working devices which already exists, and develop simpler, stronger versions for regular use. Aho’s theory and evidence will be published early in 1979 under the title: Tomorrow’s Energy Need Not Be Fuel.

There are on record numerous cases of levitation of persons and objects. Oliver Leroy’s book, Levitations (Burns, Oates, London, 1928) documents several hundred such incidents. Couldn’t this same force be applied to much heavier things? At least two of the private anti-gravity research projects in this country have a system that levitates any mass of uniform substance by vertically aligning the axes of spin of the atoms. The geared field they use lines up the poles of atomic structure, the way a magnet polarizes molecular structure. Without the randomness of atomic spin for gravity to hold onto, the earth’s charge no longer attracts the mass.

Waves Forest. 1978. Free Energy and Planet Earth. Energy Unlimited No. 2. 40 & 45.
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Hauska juttu itävaltalaisessa sanomalehdessä.


It is a scientific fact that the molecules in one pint
of ordinary water have the same whizzing-
around energy as 100 wild mustangs careering
around at full speed in a half acre corral.

I have discovered and have Patent cover over a
method of extracting this kind of energy to drive
a turbine, so that a small tidal boat harbour
would sustain a megawatt power station.

For nearly eight years I have been urging upon
the ivory domes of academe that they should take
this matter up for full investigation. Without ex-
ception they have avoided all action on the asser-
tion that my suggestion is contrary to the great
cosmic law of bananas, which argues – nobody
eats the peel of a banana, THEREFORE, IT IS
IMPOSSIBLE for anybody to eat bananas unless
they have a trash can handy to throw the peel in-
to. Not one has given any consideration whatever
to the whizzing-around situation.

In the public interest somebody in authority
should exert a little pressure on these ob-
durate eggheads.

Authorized –
J. H. Bradbury,
1 Fraser Tce, Highgate Hill, Brisbane, 4101.

“I talked about the great cosmic law of bananas in the notice,” said Bradbury, “because it has the same illogical logic as the second law of thermodynamics, which says my invention is impossible.”

K. Joyce. 1978. The Bradbury Turbine. Energy Unlimited No.4.
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Energy Unlimited nro 05 sivulla 13, jotain erikoisilmiötä kehittyy Caduceus käämiin, mikroaaltotaajuuksilla, se pyrkii levitoimaan?
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Sattumalta löydettyä

Tesla, Reincarnation, Time Travel & Extraterrestrials: Patrick Flanagan and Sterling Allan
An interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre (2012)

Flanaganin (2012) mukaan monet ilmiöt tapahtuvat, kun tuottaa skalaaripotentiaaleja ja pitkittäisiä kenttiä, erityisesti ympyräpolarisoituneita kenttiä, pyöriviä kenttiä.

Pyörivät, korkeaenergiset, korkeajännitteiset pitkittäiset aaltokentät polarisoivat eetteriä.

(43:45-) Kun puhutaan ympyräpolarisoituneesta valosta, tarkkailijan tai energian vastaanottajan näkökulmasta vasemman käden ympyräpolarisoitunut valo tai radiotaajuus tai torsiokenttä, pitkittäinen aalto, vasemman käden polarisaatio on elämää rakentavaa.

Oikean käden kenttä (vastaanottajan näkökulmasta) vetää elinvoiman pois ja aiheuttaa sairautta ja kuolemaa.

When employing either caduceus or Moebius coils researchers have observed definitive cause-effect relationships between mental states and coil operation. Wilbert Smith, for instance, inexplicably found that his mental attitude toward the outcome of the caduceus coil experiments (depending on whether he was skeptical or objective), had a visible effect on the results! More recently, by feeding an ELF electromagnetic excitation to the right and left twisted Moebius coils, Pat Flanagan discovered remarkable differences in the behaviour and mental patterns of people, depending on whether they were subjected to radiation from the right or left twisted coil [22]. When exposed to the right-handed coil almost all subjects experienced immediate powerful feelings of dizziness, nausea, and debilitating weakness. The radiation from the left hand coil, on the other hand, was completely beneficial and healthful bringing the acupuncture meridians back into a state of perfect balance.

[22] Flanagan, Patrick. Psychic Observer, vol. 39, no. 1, Jan-Apr. 1979, p. 29.

Don Reed. 1980. Tachion energy theory and the status of current relativistic and quantum views of nature (part III-C). Energy Unlimited no 7. 33–40.
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Vinkkejä skalaaripotentiaalien ja pitkittäisten aaltojen tutkimukseen Patrick Flanaganilta (1993).

The Minto apparatus was used to locate schools of fish because the antenna can be made very directional. Two ships can therefore locate schools of fish by triangulating scalar wave emissions from the fish. We have no idea why fish emit scalar signals. Every type of fish tested had a particular "signature". The scalar signals were all emitted in the acoustic frequency range. It may be that fish use these signals as a form of navigational signal in much the same way dolphins use acoustic search signals.

+ Minto used frequencies in the audio range to about 50 KHz. He told me that he could not generate his "hydronic" signals in the RF range. I experimented first with the audio and ultrasonic range (these are not acoustic waves but are electrically generated). I then found out the secret of the antenna that I mentioned earlier, i.e. to make sure and do the opposite of calculations for EM antennas. For example, EM antennas are calculated for resonances but the hydronic antenna is out of resonance.

The tank circuits can be resonant but the antenna is not. The hydronic or scalar signal amplitude is not dependent on power it is dependent on voltage.

The higher the voltage on the antenna, the more powerful is the signal.

J. Willard Gibbs published a mathematical treatise on a "non Maxwellian" signal. See: "The Scientific Papers of J. Willard Gibbs", Vol II, Chapter XVIII; Peter Smith. (Non Maxwellian transmission of energy. Now known as a scalar field).

The Minto hydronics signal is an exact physical interpretation of the Gibbs paper. It is amazing that no one apparently took Gibbs seriously. The experiment described by Gibbs works!

I met Dr. Motoyama in Tokyo in 1974. He was using a circuit that was similar to my first Neurophone to measure the energy of chakras. The device consisted of an apparatus in which a person stands. A capacitor electrode arrangement moved up and down the body. The capacitor electrodes were measuring the change in dielectric activity in the body at various locations.

The chakras produce a dynamic change in the dielectric constant of the air in the area around the body. By measuring these changes, you can detect the vibration and energy levels. By attaching appropriate electronics to the Neurophone, we could also measure the dynamics of the chakras.

The Neurophone circuit can be used as a scalar transmitter or receiver.

Capacitors and the action of energy storage in dielectrics is not understood by people who work with capacitors every day in electronic circuit design.

The phenomenon of energy storage in a capacitor is due to scalar polarization. The same thing is true of energy storage in "space" by magnetic fields.
By understanding the true nature of "capacitors" we can unlock the key to using scalar phenomena.

In 1974, I also visited Shinichi Seike who was working on "tachyon" transformers and other devices. The term "tachyon" is simply another buzz word for scalar. Seike's circuits and coil designs were all self-cancelling configurations that neutralized electric and/or magnetic fields leaving the scalar vector potential. The entire so-called tachyon devices that are now being sold are simply items that have been charged with pyramids and/or crude scalar devices.

The original Neurophone was a self-resonant system.

As the dielectric constant of the body/skin changes, the frequency shifts. This frequency shift can be detected and converted into a variable voltage that can be logged on a chart recorder. The frequency shift can be used as information. This is the principle of the Motoyama chakra detector. One of the things that has been reported from Russian research is that scalar fields alter the characteristics of insulators. These characteristics include: change in dielectric constant and conductivity of the insulator.

+ The Motoyama detector measures changes in dielectric field resonance in the space around the body. Dr. Hunt uses direct contact EMG electrodes as far as I know. The Motoyama signal is due to a change in the spatial dielectric constant around the body as a result of the scalar potential variation.

Many years ago, I showed Dr. Walter Stark of Lugano, Switzerland a phenomena I had discovered. If you make a coil of twin lead like speaker wire, you have two wires side by side. The only connecting link is the insulation between the wires. If you connect a battery in series with one wire and ground and then connect the other wire to an electrometer, the coil acts as a capacitor. The electrometer will measure the "leakage" current through the insulator. The current will probably be in nanoamps.

If you then bring the coil in the vicinity of the body, the current will increase by several orders of magnitude. This is due to the scalar field around the body. If the coil is placed over the various chakras and the output of the electrometer is connected to a chart recorder you will even be able to record the pulsation of each chakra.

Dr. Stark used my idea in the creation of an instrument that became known as an aura meter in Europe. It is also known as an orgone meter. By using such a meter, new age scientists can learn a lot about scalar fields.

In giving these "secrets" away, it is my intention to stimulate research. It is not my intention to hand all my secrets over on a silver platter. A good teacher will stimulate thinking processes.

I have built all kinds of these "aura" or "orgone" meters. You can experiment with different capacitor configurations and dielectrics. The obvious question is --- if you can detect scalar fields with insulators, can you generate these fields with insulators? The answer is a resounding yes! This goes back to my earlier statement that capacitors can be used to generate scalar fields, traveling scalar standing waves etc. This research has been used to create many kinds of transmitter and receivers.

+ I have succeeded in generating Gravitational Thrust much higher than that obtained by Townsend Brown.

+ A "traveling" standing wave is generated by causing a slight phase difference between two phase cancelled carriers. By varying the phase, the standing wave scalar field can be caused to "walk" or move... at least it looks like it is in motion.

Alain: I remember reading in a patent by Gelinas that scalar fields have a different speed than that of light and can go through media that EM fields can't go through. Have you done measurements of propagation speed of scalar fields?

Patrick: This is true the ability of scalar fields to travel through water and earth enables these signals to be transmitted over great distances where EM fields would be lost. They do travel faster than Maxwellian fields because they are not Maxwellian and obey different laws. I am really surprised that EM signals are being used for submarine communications because scalar waves will do the job in two way communications for a fraction of the cost. I think that UFO's or ET's communicate with scalar signals and all the work being done with radio telescopes will never get any results. Scalar signals may be used to modulate interdimensional or inter-galactic waves being generated by stellar phenomena. Radio communications is outmoded by advanced technology.

The Scalar Detector coil is a two wire coil such that the two wires are not in electrical contact with each other. The wires act as a capacitor, being two parallel coils side by side with capacitive coupling through the insulation. The positive terminal of the battery is attached to one of the coils and the negative of the battery is attached to the electrometer ground. The second wire coil (of the zip wire) goes to the input of the electrometer.

The electrometer is measuring the leakage current through the wire insulation. All so called insulators are simply poor conductors, but they are conductors measuring in hundreds of millions of ohms. Scalar fields alter the conduction characteristics of insulators. The electrometer reads the change in current.

The description I gave you is a starting point. I have made detectors that are much better. You can wind parallel coils out of thing enameled wire and you will get better results. I used #28 wire for mine and my coil measures two inches in diameter and ten inches long. I was able to map chakras with that coil.

Russian research in scalar fields on insulators
Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder. Handbook of PSI Discoveries. 329.
A New Type of Detector to Register Physiological Functions
G.A. Sergeyev, G.D. Shushkev & E.G. Gryaznukin.

The Sergeyev Detector

"The electrical-field activity of excited cells in the human organism can be regarded as turbulent low-temperature plasma that affects the dielectric properties of the environment.

Experimental investigations of low-temperature plasma structures of biological origin, together with computations performed by computer, brought us (Sergeyev, 1968) to the conclusion that the energetic processes in living organisms are subject to the formal requirements demanded by the thermodynamic systems with negative temperatures.

The Maser effects of the living organism result in the emission of highly concentrated streams of free electrons and protons into free space, which may change the local properties of the dielectric properties of the air.

The above theoretical prerequisites laid the foundation for the proposed new type of detector. The principles of operation are based on the fixed voltage between two capacitive plates, separated by a dielectric with non-linear properties. Polarized barium titanate crystal (BaTiO3) was used as a dielectric.

The voltage of the output of a barium titanate element is of course determined by the formula:

4 II d E / E(p) * D1/1 (Acoustic Pressure)

E = 10^12 dynes/cm^2
d = 1.75 * 10^-6 (Young's Module)
E(p) = dielectric constant depending on P - the degree of turbulence of the plasma field of biological origin.

The Sergeyev Detector used barium titanate but any insulator will do and it does not have to be piezo-electric!


Scalar antennae behave exactly opposite to EM antennae. For example, the dipole antenna:

A dipole antenna receives and transmits maximally broadside to the antenna. A scalar signal is received and transmitted maximally in the coaxial direction, that is where the EM signal is at a null - off the ends of the antenna. An EM dipole is resonant at 1/2 wavelength for maximum EM signal while the dipole must not be at resonance for scalar transmission.

We are going to use audio frequencies and very short dipoles. Make two dipoles out of PVC tubing. The tubing should be about six feet long. Attach metal plates at the end of each tube. These can be about one foot square.

Drive the antenna with coaxial cable in the middle. Run a wire from the center of each PVC tube out to the metal plates. Run the wire in the middle of the tubes.


Scalar detection occurs in a non-linear transistor amplifier. The base emitter junction of a transistor if properly biased will act as a great scalar detector. The best transistors for scalar detection are surface-barrier transistors although other transistor circuits can be made to perform quite well. When we are using scalar signals in the audio range, an ordinary audio amplifier can be modified to detect scalar signals. Minto connected his dipole leads directly to the base and emitter of the first input transistor of an audio amplifier.


The transmitter can be a simple modulated audio oscillator. The output voltage should be as high as possible. (in air, this is no problem) You can use a power audio amplifier as a transmitter and drive it with a pure audio tone to run your tests. Connect the speaker output of the amplifier to a vacuum tube audio output transformer. Get one that has an impedance ratio of 4 ohms to 16,000 ohms or higher. Connect the output transformer so that the 4 ohm coil is connected to the speaker output terminal. The high voltage side of the transformer will connect to the transmitting dipole.

The output signal is a function of voltage and not current. The higher the voltage, the stronger the scalar signal. In a EM dipole transmitter, the energy is transferred in the form of current. The scalar system is just the opposite.

The setup I am describing is for air to air transmission. The water and earth system require different parameters. This is just to get you started.

After for successfully detect the signal, you can experiment with different input circuits to maximize detection. Most commercial audio amplifiers have sufficient non-linearity to detect the scalar signal from the transmitter.


You can measure field strength at the receiver by connecting a Digital Meter across the output of the amplifier. You will also want to connect a speaker or headphones to the output so you can monitor the signal acoustically.

If you take your receiver down to the ocean and aim the dipole at the water like a rifle, you will be able to detect signals from fish if you use an audio amplifier as a receiver. Use headphones.

Well, that's it for now. The experiments I have described are in introduction into scalar communications. We have developed this system so that it is very sophisticated and can generate and receive these signals in virtually any frequency range.

Let me know how you make out.

Kindest regards, - Patrick Flanagan ... /flan2.txt

The Swedish Association for New Physics
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Yleinen suhteellisuusteoria antaa käytännöllisiä vastauksia moniin asioihin, mutta painovoiman ymmärtämiseen se ei sovellu juuri ollenkaan. Voidaan toki olettaa painovoiman olevan aika-avaruuden kaareutumista ja olla tyytyväisiä vastaukseen. Kuitenkin tieteellisen tiedon valossa niin tekemällä voi rajata monia innostavia mahdollisuuksia oman ymmärryksen ulkopuolelle.

Tieteelliset teoriat ovat perusteltavissa olevia mielen rakennelmia, jotka auttavat ymmärtämään erilaisia ilmiöitä. Kuitenkin monille teorioille näyttää olevan tyypillistä, että laajentaessaan ymmärrystä jollain alueella, ne rajaavat ymmärrystä jollain toisella alueella. Sen vuoksi käytännönläheisiä ja kokonaisvaltaisia vastauksia etsiessä kannattaa tutustua moniin teorioihin ja mahdollisuuksien mukaan rakentaa siltoja niiden välille.

Tässä joidenkin painovoimateorioiden lähtökohtia.


Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia, ed. Stephen P. Maran. ... stein.html

Termodynamiikan toiseen pääsääntöön liittyen:

Nanoparticles found to violate second law of thermodynamics ... ics/31491/

Dynamic relaxation of a levitated nanoparticle from a non-equilibrium steady state (2013) ... 14.40.html
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